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Omnichannel Approach

Marketing Plan

There is a lot of competition in today’s real estate market. Buyer’s are searching for homes on a variety of platforms and have access to more information than ever. Successfully selling a home in today’s real estate market requires an omnichannel marketing approach that is executed in a coordinated manner. This omnichannel approach is proven to maximize the number of serious Buyers, showings and offers you receive. It is imperative that you choose a real estate agent with this type of marketing plan in place to ensure your home stands out from the other homes on the market. Below is an overview of the marketing plan that I utilize for all of the home listings that I represent. This is a proven marketing plan that will maximize your home’s value and result in a successful sale.

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The first step in the marketing process is to create all of the materials that will be used throughout the marketing plan. Having these marketing materials available when your home goes on the market will ensure your new listing makes a strong first impression on the active Buyers in the market. Taking the time to create these materials and market your home properly from the outset will ultimately generate a faster sale at a higher price.

Multiple Listing Service

Once all of the marketing materials are created I will enter your listing in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and take it live on the market. The MLS is the primary database that is used by real estate agents to research available listings and property information for their clients. The MLS is also the primary data source for property information on public real estate websites like Zillow, and all of the franchise brokerage websites. All real estate agents will enter your listing into the MLS, but most will enter it haphazardly. Overlooking and rushing this crucial step leads to a number of missed opportunities and a poor first impression on prospective Buyers. I have a systematic process in place for accurately and thoroughly inputting my listings into the MLS with full listing details, detailed property descriptions and all of the marketing materials referenced here. This process ensures your new listing is complete, looks its best and makes a strong first impression on prospective Buyers and their real estate agents regardless of which platform they are viewing it on.

1. Database Marketing

My extensive database has hundreds of active Buyers, many of which are looking for a property similar to yours. This is a considerable marketing advantage that I possess in the Ocean City real estate market. I am able to search my database and narrow it down to specific Buyers that are a good match for your home. I will then email your new listing directly to these Buyers and follow-up with those that show interest.

2. Targeted Social Media Ads

I create targeted social media ads for all of my new listings that I am able to deliver specifically to people that have been on my websites looking at homes similar to yours. This is high-level marketing that can only be done based on the large amount of website traffic I receive, which few if any other agents in the Ocean City real estate market can replicate.

3. New Listing Email

There are dozens of property transactions that run through the MLS everyday and it easy for a good, new listing to get lost in the shuffle. Rather than waiting for an agent with a qualified Buyer to see your listing, I send it directly to them. I create dynamic new listing announcement emails for my listings that are sent to the real estate agents working in the Ocean City real estate market.

4. Direct Mail Campaigns

Current property owners and their friends and family purchase a considerable number of the properties that are sold each year in this area. In an effort to capitalize on this I will run a "Just Listed" direct mail campaign in the market areas surrounding your home. The large, glossy, full-color postcards feature full listing details and multiple contact points for interested parties to get additional information on your home.

5. Listing Syndication

Through strategic agreements Coastal Life Realty Group has in place your listing will be featured on dozens of real estate websites across the Internet. This will include popular portal sites like Zillow and, as well as the national brokerage sites like Coldwell Banker, Berkshire Hathaway, Remax and more. If it is a real estate website that matters, your home listing will be featured on it.

6. "Coming Soon" Promotion

In anticipation of your listing going live on the market I will execute my "coming soon" marketing strategy. This marketing plan will generate a lot of initial interest in your property, which will ultimately lead to a considerable number of showings when your home first goes live on the market. This campaign creates the " fear of missing out" mentality in Buyers, which is critical to strong offers and a successful sale.

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Once your listing goes live on the market I will create additional marketing pieces for your home to generate more market exposure. Rather than waiting for the real estate market to come to us, this proactive marketing generates an immediate market for your home. I have used these marketing methods for years and they have consistently proven to be successful, regardless of current real estate market conditions. These marketing pieces will lead to qualified showing activity on your home that ultimately results in strong offers from qualified Buyers.

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The Internet and Real Estate

  • It is imperative in today’s real estate market to choose a real estate agent that possesses a strong online presence. Virtually all Buyers begin their real estate search online, especially in a second home market like Ocean City. If you choose an agent without a strong online presence your home listing will miss out on a considerable amount of marketing exposure.

    I have established a dominant online marketing presence in the Ocean City real estate market that is complemented by a comprehensive online marketing strategy. Search for anything pertaining to real estate in Ocean City or the surrounding areas and you will likely land on one of my websites:

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    These websites average over 37,000 visits per month and your home listing will be prominently featured on all of them. I also generate hundreds of active real estate Buyer leads from this website traffic each month. These are motivated Buyers, many of which are looking for homes similar to yours. All online inquiries on your home will be followed up with promptly and thoroughly.

Marketing Presence Buyers of real estate in Ocean City and the surrounding areas tend to be interested in properties that are located in specific locations. They will drive around these areas of interest in search of homes and condos for sale. Where possible, it is important to have a strong onsite marketing presence to capture their attention and capitalize on these opportunities.

  • Custom Signage

    The high-quality custom signage that I utilize captures Buyer’s attention and lets them know that your home is for sale. The signage features several different contact points for interested Buyers to get additional information about your property based on their communication preference. I have several different signage options to choose from based on your property type, preference and HOA requirements.

  • Unique Web Address

    Your property’s exclusive listing website is a great place for interested Buyers to get additional information on your listing. I will have a dedicated web address and custom sign rider created for your home’s website. The sign rider will be posted onsite and the exclusive web address will be used throughout your home’s entire marketing campaign. Interested Buyers can visit your property’s website from their phone, tablet or computer and view the photos, property details, virtual tour, listing video and more.

  • High-Quality Brochure

    Buyers will look at several properties in a day and after a while they start to lose track of them. The high-quality brochures that I provide at your listing ensure this doesn’t happen and makes your listing stand out from the competition. These full-color brochures are printed on thick card stock and feature several high-quality images, detailed property description and the website address of your property’s exclusive listing website.

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Proactive Marketing

Property On-Market

Successful real estate sales are all about momentum and good opportunities need to be capitalized on. Choose a local, full-time real estate agent that will proactively look for qualified Buyers for your home and promptly follow-up on all inquiries. You will also want to ensure that they have a system in place to keep your home properly positioned in the market and you up-to-date on its status at all times.

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Local Experience

Proven Results

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Years Experience

594 +

Property Sales

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5 Star Reviews

Local Knowledge

Experience Matters

As a lifelong resident of the Ocean City area I am uniquely positioned to provide local market insight and knowledge to my clients that few other Realtors working the coastal Maryland real estate market can offer. Having lived and owned real estate in a majority of the areas that make up the Ocean City real estate market I have a clear understanding of the benefits and unique nuances of each community. This local market knowledge and experience will prove to be invaluable throughout the process of selling your coastal Maryland home.

I have the experience, market knowledge, workflows, marketing plan and support team in place to ensure you have a seamless real estate transaction from our first conversation all the way through to the closing table. The processes I utilize simplify the home selling process, make it more efficient and help to ensure my client’s accomplish their real estate goals.

Ready to get started? Feel free to contact me directly anytime at 443-614-9179 or via email below. I look forward to the possibility of assisting you with your real estate needs.

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