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As a lifelong resident of the Ocean City area I am uniquely positioned to provide local market insight and knowledge to my clients that few other Realtors working the coastal Maryland real estate market can offer. Having lived and owned real estate in a majority of the areas that make up the Ocean City real estate market I have a clear understanding of the benefits and unique nuances of each community. This local market knowledge and experience will prove to be invaluable in the process of buying or selling your coastal Maryland home.

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Local Experience

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Opportunity costs are high in real estate and experience matters. Real estate sales are large financial transactions that involve a lot of time, people, tasks and information to manage. When improperly managed the process is overwhelming and often results in undesirable outcomes. You deserve to have a local, experienced, knowledgeable advisor by your side to help you navigate through the real estate sales process.

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Local Experience
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Choosing A Realtor

  • Experience

    The only way to gain real knowledge and experience in the real estate industry is by helping people buy and sell real estate. This experience comes from both years in the business and the number of sales an agent has successfully completed.

  • Market Knowledge

    Local market knowledge is imperative to a successful real estate sale. Look for an agent that has sold multiple properties within the market area that you are looking in. This will ensure they are familiar with the market and its unique nuances.

  • Communication

    One of the biggest complaints about Realtors is their lack of communication and responsiveness. Success in any real estate market will come down to these two factors. Look for an agent that exemplifies both.

  • Workflow

    Look for an agent that has strong marketing, useful technology and established workflows in place. These items will streamline the real estate sales process, make it more efficient and ensure you accomplish your real estate goals.

  • Support Staff

    Real estate sales involve a lot of time, information, tasks and people to manage. It is often too much for an individual agent to effectively manage on their own. Choose an agent that has a support staff in place to assist them.

  • Agent Reviews

    Experienced agents should have an extensive list of agent reviews and client testimonials available from their previous clients. These reviews will provide good insight into the agent’s effectiveness, responsiveness and overall ability.

Market Experience

Seamless Transactions

I have been a full-time real estate agent since 2005 and have successfully completed hundreds of real estate transactions throughout the coastal Maryland real estate market. I have the experience, market knowledge, established workflows, marketing plan and support team in place to ensure you have a seamless real estate transaction from our first conversation all the way through to the closing table.

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My track record of past real estate sales demonstrates my ability in helping people buy and sell coastal Maryland real estate. This is further evidenced by my large base of referrals from past clients and the hundreds of five-star agent reviews I have received. The processes I utilize simplify the home buying and selling process, make it more efficient and help to ensure my client’s accomplish their real estate goals.

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Meet Nicholas

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Support Staff

The volume of tasks involved in real estate transactions is often too much for an individual agent to manage effectively on their own. While I stay hands-on, involved and the primary contact for all of my transactions I have a full support staff in place to assist me. My support-staff helps to ensure nothing gets overlooked, tasks are completed timely and that my clients are consistently receiving a high level of customer service.

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Expert Support Staff

  • Transaction Coordinator

    The Transaction Coordinator assists in managing the transaction from contract to close. They are the liaison between the Buyer, Seller, Buyer’s Agent, Seller’s Agent, Lender and Title Company. The Transaction Coordinator ensures all parties involved in the transaction have the information they need and are up-to-date at all times. They help to ensure that my clients have a seamless transaction from start to finish.

  • Listing Coordinator

    The Listing Coordinator schedules the professional photography, installs signage, shoots the virtual tour, prepares property flyers and direct mail campaigns, enters listings in the MLS and much more. They ensure the marketing for your home is completed promptly and is first-class quality across the board. The Listing Coordinator frees up valuable time that I can use to focus on finding Buyers for your home and getting it sold.

  • Operations Manager

    The Operations Manager assists in managing the day to day operations of my business. They are well versed in all of my workflows, tools, technology and systems. This enables them to assist me and my clients wherever and whenever needed. The Operations Manager's primary purpose is to ensure my clients are consistently receiving a high level of customer service.

Coastal Living

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Coastal Life

Owning a second home or living at the beach enriches one's life, which is why I chose to never move away from the coastal Maryland area. I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping my clients attain this same high quality of life that I am fortunate to enjoy living everyday here at the beach.

In my free-time I spend as much time as possible with my wife Jenn, our daughter Madelyn and our French Mastiff Baxter. I am an avid golfer, surfer and sports fan. I generally just like to enjoy life and the many great opportunities it affords.

The Realtor you choose to work with will have a considerable impact on the deal you ultimately secure and your overall real estate experience. Choose wisely and put a proven track record of success to work for you. Give me a call at 443-614-9179 or send me an email to get started.

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