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Analyzing Real Estate Offers

Ocean City, Maryland Real Estate Offers

There is a lot to consider and account for when analyzing offers as the Seller of real estate in Ocean City, Maryland and the surrounding areas.  While price is typically the most important factor, there are several other important factors to consider.  Contract contingencies, closing costs, contract timeframes and Buyer qualifications will [...]

Ocean City Market Report - Jan. 2024

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This bi-montly report provides an overview of all of the key indicators for the Ocean City, Maryland real estate market.  This report will advise you on how the market is performing overall and can aid in determining the right time to buy or sell.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss the Ocean City real estate market in greater detail, feel free to contact me directly anytime at 443-614-9179.

Choosing a Realtor

Ocean City Realtor

Buying or selling a home is one of the largest financial transactions that you will ever go through.  The Realtor you choose to work with will have a considerable impact on this transaction and the overall process.  You deserve to have an experienced, knowledgable advisor by your side to help you navigate through this process.  When choosing [...]

Determining Price

Ocean City Real Estate Prices

Setting the listing price for your property is one of the most important steps in the listing process.  If you set the price too high you will have limited showing activity and your home will sit on the market.  If you price the property too low you could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table.  A well priced home will generate competitive offers and sell within a reasonable amount of time for the highest price possible.

Buyer's Market vs Seller's Market

Ocean City, Maryland Real Estate Market

I am frequently asked whether it is a Buyer's market or Seller's market and what the demarcation line is for real estate in Ocean City, Maryland and the surrounding coastal communities.  In this article I will explain Buyer's markets, Seller's markets, how they are established and what you can expect in each one.

Ocean City Market Report - Sept. 2023

Ocean City Real Estate Inventory - Sept. 2023

Active Listings

There are currently 187 homes, townhomes and condos for sale in Ocean City, MD, which represents a 47% increase in inventory over 2022.


Active Listing Prices

The average active listing price in Ocean City is $721,000 and the median listing price is $535,000.  The median listing price for the year in Ocean City is $529,000, [...]

Who Represents Who

Ocean City Real Estate Agency Representation

Before you start looking at homes and condos for sale in Ocean City, Maryland or enter into any type of real estate agreement it is helpful to know which real estate agents represent who in any given real estate transaction.

Multiple Offers

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The current low inventory levels in the Ocean City, Maryland real estate, coupled with strong Buyer demand is still leading to multiple offer situations on the more desirable listings that come on the market.  Multiple offer situations are a challenge to navigate and you have to be prepared ahead of time.  I have successfully [...]

Ocean City Surf Lessons

Ocean City Surf Lessons

Are you interested in learning how to surf while you are visiting Ocean City, Maryland?  If so, the folks at the Wave Riding School hosted by the K-Coast Surf Shop on 35th St. have a great program.  The Wave Riding School has a unique teaching program that is suitable for beginners to advanced riders.  Through their surf instruction system [...]

Seller Closing Costs

Ocean City Maryland Real Estate Closing Costs

Closing costs are the expenses, fees and taxes associated with the sale of a home.  Closing costs will vary from transaction to transaction depending on the terms and structure of the real estate contract.  Below is an overview of the standard closing costs you can expect when selling a home or condo in Ocean City, MD and the surrounding [...]

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