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Choosing a Realtor

Ocean City Realtor

Buying or selling an Ocean City home or condo is one of the largest financial transactions that you will ever go through.  The Realtor you choose to work with will have a considerable impact on this transaction and the overall process.  You deserve to have an experienced, knowledgable advisor by your side to help you navigate through this process.  When choosing a real estate agent to work with, exercise due diligence and look for an agent that demonstrates the qualities outlined below.


The only way for real estate agents to acquire experience in the real estate industry is by helping people buy and sell real estate.  This is achieved by both years in the business and the number of Ocean City real estate sales an agent has successfully completed.  Look for an agent that has sold multiple properties in the market areas that are of interest to you.  This will ensure they are familiar with the specific market and its unique nuances.  You can gauge a real estate agent's experience by reviewing their past sales history.

Market Knowledge

Local market knowledge is imperative to a successful real estate sale.  Every real estate market is different and true local market knowledge will prove to be invaluable throughout the real estate sales process.  An agent with strong local knowledge can provide you with valuable insight on specific communities, advise on the pros and cons of the Ocean City real estate listings you are considering and they will be familiar with the customary practices of the local market.  If the real estate agent you choose to work with does not possess strong local market knowledge, you could be in for a challenging transaction.    


One of the biggest complaints about real estate agents is their lack of communication and follow-through.  Things move fast in the Ocean City real estate market and securing good deals is all about positive momentum.  Look for a responsive, proactive agent that has a history of providing open and honest communication throughout the entire real estate sales process.  This will ensure that the transaction progresses in a positive direction, all of your questions are answered promptly and that you are kept up-to-date on where things stand with your transaction at all times.

Agent Reviews

An experienced agent should have an extensive list of agent reviews and testimonials from previous clients.  These reviews and testimonials will provide valuable insight into the agent's effectiveness, responsiveness and overall ability.  


This should go without saying, but unfortunately this is not the norm in the real estate industry.  Look for a full-time real estate agent that takes pride in their business, acts in a professional manner and has a history of making fair and honest decisions.  An agent's good reputation with his or her clients and fellow real estate agents is crucial to success in the Ocean City real estate market. 

Support Staff

Real estate sales involve a lot of time, information, tasks and people to manage.  It is often too much for an individual agent to manage effectively on their own.  The Ocean City Realtors that attempt to do all of this on their own are rarely available when you need them and their tasks get done haphazardly.  Look for an agent that has a full support team in place to assist them.  The support team will help to ensure that nothing gets overlooked and that you are consistently receiving a high level of customer service.

Tools and Systems

The real estate agent you choose to work with should have useful tools and established workflows in place that streamline the real estate sales process and make it more efficient for you.  If you are buying, they should offer access to a quality website that is easy to use and assists in keeping your real estate search organized.  If you are selling, they should have a strong marketing plan and provide access to a listing portal that keeps you up-to-date on your listing's status at all times.  Once a purchase contract is secured they should have established workflows in place that seamlessly navigate the transaction from contract to close.


As you can see, there is a lot to consider when choosing and Ocean City Realtor to work with.  As a lifelong resident of the Ocean City area I am uniquely positioned to provide local market insight and knowledge to my clients that few other Realtors can offer.  I have been licensed since 2005 and have completed hundreds of real estate transactions throughout the Ocean City real estate market.  I have the experience, market knowledge, workflows and support team in place to ensure you have a seamless transaction from our first conversation all the way through to the closing table.  Feel free to contact me directly anytime at 443-614-9179 to get started.

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