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Ocean City Surf Lessons

Ocean City Surf Lessons

Are you interested in learning how to surf while you are visiting Ocean City, Maryland?  If so, the folks at the Wave Riding School hosted by the K-Coast Surf Shop on 35th St. have a great program.  The Wave Riding School has a unique teaching program that is suitable for beginners to advanced riders.  Through their surf instruction system you are virtually guaranteed a successful lesson and a whole lot of fun.

Each student at the Wave Riding School is assigned their own instructor for their lesson.  The lesson begins on the beach by learning about general ocean safety and how to "pop-up" to your feet and start surfing.  You then head out in the ocean for your lesson with your instructor whom stays with you the entire time.  Their unique system helps you catch the waves, which is the hardest part of surfing.  Once the momentum of the wave is moving you the instructor will release you to "pop-up" and start surfing on your own.  There are additional instructors on the beach who help retrieve boards and send riders back out for their next wave.  The lessons are done on large, foam surfboards that are safer and easier to ride than traditional fiberglass surfboards.

All of the folks at the Wave Riding School are experienced wave riders and know the ins and outs of surfing.  The instructors are personable, friendly and responsible.  The Wave Riding School provides everything you need including surfboards and wetsuits.  The Wave Riding School is popular for good reason and as a result they are typically pretty busy in-season.  I would suggest booking your lessons well in advance to secure your spot.  They have a liberal cancellation policy and won't take folks outs in bad weather, rough seas or high tides. 

I have been surfing my entire life in Ocean City, Maryland and I take my daughter to the Wave Riding School on a regular basis.  They have done a great job with her and progressed her surfing abilities along much faster than I could have (she doesn't listen to me anyways). Be sure to check them out while you are in town.  It is a great experience and I can virtually guarantee you will have a good time.  Learn more about the Wave Riding school at their website.

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