Find the Right Home

Buying Coastal Real Estate

Property Showings

This is when the fun starts! Once you identify some Ocean City real estate listings that are of interest I will schedule a private tour of the properties for you.  To make the process simple, as you are going through the listings on this website you can save the properties you want to see as favorites by simply clicking the heart icon, which will save them to your real estate search account.  I can then retrieve the listings you want to see from your real estate search account and schedule the property showings. 

While I am scheduling the showings I will conduct preliminary research on the listings and gather any useful information that is available.  We can typically see all of the properties on your list in a day and I will always make good use of your time.  Important things to pay attention to while we are touring the listings:


  • Property Condition
  • Surrounding Area
  • Renovations Needed
  • Rental Potential (if a priority)
  • Age of Mechanicals and Appliances
  • Community Amenities
  • Views (if a priority)
  • Monthly Expenses
  • General Community Condition


While touring the properties we will also view the amenities and surrounding area.  Having been licensed since 2005 and a lifelong resident of the Ocean City area I am familiar with a majority of the buildings and communities in the Ocean City real estate market.  As we tour the listings I will provide you with valuable market insight and knowledge (good and bad) for each building and community.  

After viewing several properties in a day they can start to blend together.  At the end of our tour we can revisit any listings that make the "short-list" for a second look.  After our property tour I will promptly follow-through on any additional information requests you may have.  This process will put you in a position to make informed decisions when the timing is right and the right opportunity presents itself.  If you would like to discuss buying a coastal home in greater detail feel free to contact me directly anytime at 443-614-9179 or via email