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Selling Coastal Real Estate

Contract Negotiation

Good Ocean City real estate deals don't just happen.  They are the result of diligent market research, a well thought out strategy and strong negotiating skills.  When a Buyer makes an offer on your home you have the option to either accept, reject or counter their offer.  In most instances you will be providing some type of counter-offer.  While price is typically the most important factor there are other factors to consider when evaluating a real estate offer:


  • Are the Buyers financing or paying cash?
  • If the Buyers are financing, what are their qualifications?
  • What contract contingencies are included ... inspections, financing, etc.?
  • What is the settlement timeframe and proposed closing date?
  • How much is the good faith deposit?
  • How are the Buyers proposing to handle the closing costs?
  • Have the Buyers requested any closing cost assistance?


Once we receive an offer on your home or condo I will help you analyze the price and terms.  I will go through the entire offer with you and explain all of the contract contingencies and details.  You will be provided with a Seller Net Sheet that summarizes all of the closing costs and estimated net proceeds based on the offer you are analyzing.  From there we can formulate a negotiation strategy to move forward with.  I will then utilize my experience, market knowledge and real estate training to negotiate the highest price possible for you with the most favorable terms.  A few helpful tips to keep in mind when negotiating:


  • Respond relatively quickly to keep momentum going
  • Always counter, even if it is a small counter to a low offer
  • Stay calm, patient and focused on the goal of selling your home
  • Meet halfway where possible and make a concession to a Buyer concession


The market knowledge and experience of the Ocean City real estate agent you choose to work with will have a considerable impact on the negotiating process and the real estate deal you ultimately secure.  Choose wisely and look for a Realtor with a proven track record of success.  If you would like to discuss selling your home or condo in greater detail feel free to contact me directly anytime at 443-614-9179 or via email.